American Environmental Energy, Inc.
Symbol: AEEI


American Environmental Energy, Inc.
211E 43rd Street
Suite 728
New York, NY 10017, USA


On Monday, February 4, 2019, Dr. Wenyi Yu, President of American Environmental Energy Inc. (AEEI) signed a commercial offer sheet to purchase a 9-storey commercial building located in the Special West Chelsea District which provides a regulatory framework for the continued development of a dynamic mixed residential and commercial area centered around the public open space created by reuse of the High Line, a former elevated rail line running north-south through the length of the district.
Located near the Hudson River, the 70,000 sq. ft. commercial building is zoned M1-5, WCh . Renovations under consideration include a hotel, studio, office space, theater and other open space development projects. Almost all the buildings in the neighbor have been renovated or reconstructed. Nearly all industrial uses are allowed in M1 districts if they meet the stringent M1 performance standards. Offices, hotels and most retail uses are also permitted.

AEEI is in the process of interviewing architects and is looking for partners that specialize in commercial real estate development; hotel development; theater development; events, exhibition and conference management. We are also looking for companies that design and manage basement parking, restaurants, fitness centers, studios, and office space.
Cutting-edge, environmentally friendly and energy efficient technology will be utilized for the renovation of the building.

The first scheduled project is a two-level basement parking area.


American Environmental Energy, Inc.
211E 43rd Street
Suite 728
New York, NY 10017, USA


American Environmental Energy, Inc. (AEEI) Is Looking To Export One Million Tons Of Liquid Natural Gas To China

American Environmental Energy, Inc. is looking to procure one million tons of liquid natural gas for 2019. Initial purchase will be for 67,000 tons of liquid natural gas to be delivered by the end of January 2019.
The imported LNG will be delivered to the port near Shanghai.
Please send email to if you have the products.

AEEI is Looking for Environmental Energy Products
Areas of Interest
Email address:

Environmental Protection

1. Air pollution control & prevention
(3)High efficiency dust removal
(4)Volatile organic matter control
(5)Diesel engine (vehicle) emission purification
(6)Atmospheric environmental pollution monitoring
2. Soil pollution prevention
(1)Pollution diagnosis
(2)Pollution risk control
(3)Pollution control and restoration
3. Water pollution prevention
(1)Advanced treatment of wastewater
(2)Desalination of industrial high-salt wastewater
(3)Treatment of trace toxic pollutants in drinking water
(4)Repair of groundwater pollution

New Energy

1. Renewable Energy
(2)Fuel Cell Technology
(3)Solar photovoltaic and thermal utilization
2. Efficient recycling of resources
(1)Efficient development and utilization of water resources
(2)Clean development and utilization of metal resources
(3)Waste recycling
3. Natural gas and LPG
(1) the development of natural gas
(2) the distribution of natural gas and LPG products

Environmental Energy Application

1. Modern transportation technology and equipment industry
(1)New energy vehicles
(2)New energy boats
(3)Next-generation power batteries
(4)Battery management
(5)Motor drive and power electronics
(6)Electric vehicle intelligent technology
(7)Fuel cell power system plug-in 7-sequence hybrid system
(8)Pure electric power system
(9)Vehicle safety and structural weight reduction design

2. Advanced building materials, technologies and building systems
(1)Building energy savings
(2)Energy-saving integrated technology
(3)Efficient cooling technology: active; passive
(4)Multiple energy coordinated efficient utilization system
(5)New and efficient lighting
3. Environmental energy in traditional industries
(5)Theme Park
(6)Film Production

Services for Environmental Energy

1.Gas station and convenient store
2.Sponsoring environmental energy trade shows
3.Financial, insurance, IPO services in environmental energy
4.Education in environmental energy
5.Film production in environmental energy
6.Environmental value assessment and consulting
7.Oil and natural gas products exports

American Environmental Energy, Inc. (Symbol: AEEI) is looking for growth opportunities in environmental protection, renewable energy, related manufacturing, real estate development, health, film production, and investment. AEEI’s interests include R&D, products, marketing, services in the United States and overseas. The stock has been listed on the American security market for more than ten years. AEEI now has new administrative team. Dr. Wenyi Yu is the President and CEO of the company. The office is located at 211E 43rd Street, Suite 728, New York, NY 10017.

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