American Environmental Energy, Inc

Our Business

Our goal is to blend the principal business from a broad spectrum of environmental protection, new energy, and investment. We endeavor to drive our business model toward research, investment, and the introduction of new products.

By 2022, AEEI is going to concentrate on the establishment of three departments — Environmental & Energy Finance Institute, Department of New Products, and Department of Investment.

Environmental Finance Institute (EFI) will be featured service of AEEI, focused on the value assessment of environmental protection and/or new energy program, the cutting-edge conceptualization of environmental protection and/or new energy program, environmental energy policy research and consultation for government, NGO, and business, the sponsorship of an international seminar and exhibition in the industry, consultation of environmental protection and/or new energy park, publication of periodicals in environmental protection and/or new energy, and the editing of http//, etc.

Fundraising Project

Conceptualization in Environmental Protection & Energy

We will utilize our expertise in quantitative and qualitative research to conduct deep analysis in environmental protection and/or energy sector to discover new ideas, trends, strategies, and finance solutions. We will also invite other international scholars, engineers, bankers to join with us to expand our institute.

American Environmental Energy, Inc. (AEEI) lists its stock publicly on the OTC market. We have received multiple projects that look for collaboration with, M&A, and fundraising through us. The market has been sending us valuable product and service information.

Fundraising Project:

Big Oilfield Project Propsoal

Dr. Yu had negotiated an agreement with the business owners of an oilfield project to serve as partner to reduce the air pollution of the oilfield by using cryogenic technology – the project is also in the fundraising phase. Fundraising has not begin.

Fundraising Project:

Community Parking Center Planning Proposal

Our team had communicated with the owners of an 8-story building in West Chelsea by the Hudson River to plan the development of an independent parking garage equipped with new environmental protection and energy technology. Fundraising has not begin.

Fundraising Project:

Planning Of an Indepednent Hotel Building Renovation

We negotiated and signed an agreement with the owner of an independent hotel building in SOHO, Manhattan. Our goal is to renovate the building into a commercial center, exhibition, and conference hall for products and services from the environmental protection and new energy industries. Fundraising has not begin.

Department of Investment is a profit center of AEEI, but also a high-risk part of the business. Through our experiences, we have developed models of risk control. We will invest in stocks and commodities in the environmental protection and/or new energy industries and other derived financial products. We will expand our investment chain to include a whole spectrum of investment in global environmental protection and/or new energy industries.

Fundraising Project:

Futures Investment

In 2018, the company tried future commodity investment. Through practice, we have developed a risk control mechanism, organized a 4-member team to restart the investment, and are going to publish a monograph to summarize the experience for the coming six months. Successful fundraising project are not guaranteed.

We are actively looking to expand our business and values with the help of new business and partners. We encourage you to review our areas of interest sheet. We are always thrilled to meet with new business partners and think tank.

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